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Blue Ridge Pet Clinic
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Blue Ridge Pet Clinic

Welcome to Blue Ridge Pet Clinic, where our commitment is to provide the highest level of care for your pet throughout the various stages of his/her life.

As a Bond-Centered Practice, our goal is to keep your pet and his/her family healthy and happy. With decades of experience, our veterinarians and trained staff are dedicated to treating your beloved pets with compassionate, high-quality primary care. We are here too, should your pet require emergent care.

Blue Ridge Pet Clinic has earned the distinction of being accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association. AAHA accreditation validates our commitment to a higher standard of care, reflects a benchmark in excellence and is our industry's only independent accreditation organization.

Our pledge at Blue Ridge Pet Clinic is to provide this level of care to our community at an affordable price. Times are tough and we realize the difficult decisions one has to make in this economy. Quality pet care should not be one of them.


Blue Ridge Pet Clinic now offers you the option of ordering Hill's Science Diet, medications and other special needs by simply clicking the banner above.

Whether you choose our Home Delivery option, or prefer to have us order your pet foods for you, Blue Ridge Pet Clinic is here to help make your life easier.

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Blue Ridge Pet Clinic

The doctors and staff at Blue Ridge Pet Clinic support the belief that veterinary medicine must treat companion animals within the context of family.

Special attention is given to human emotions and interpersonal relationships, focusing on a holistic approach to the family-pet-veterinary care dynamic. This dynamic is called "Bond-Centered Strategies".  It is centered on respect for the human-animal bond across the life span of the relationship.

Blue Ridge Pet Clinic believes that supporting these relationships is as much a priority as providing high-quality medical treatment to your companion family members.


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